Grassmats USA

30% Recycled – Public Safety Floor Mats – also known as Rubber Grassmats®Covering 5ft x 3.3ft and made from 30% recycled rubber, GRASSMATS offer the ultimate in multipurpose matting.
Complies with ASTM F1292 Impact Attenuation of Playground Surfacing Materials.
Ideal for that temporary protection for any high traffic area, during a tournament or a construction project, play ground areas or to provide over flow parking areas.
GRASSMATS can be used to form a temporary pathway protecting natural areas during a tournament.
The advantage of GRASSMATS to protect your high traffic is, that by allowing the grass to grow through the matting a completely natural look is retained, even allowing regular mowing!
• On the side lines of football and soccer fields both heavily trafficked by game officials and coaches.
• By using GRASSMATS there is no need to introduce synthetic turf strips to your natural turf field.
• There are many other uses for GRASSMATS!
GRASSMATS have been supplied to provide multipurpose and safety surfacing to schools, churches, city parks depts. Schools hotels and tourist attractions. Other uses include ice rinks snow sports and ski centers. Then there are indoor uses, behind bars providing a heavy duty anti slip surface. If you have an troublesome area, whether indoors or out, where you feel GRASSMATS may offer a solution, please contact us we would be pleased to discuss your needs and possible solutions.
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